The secret power of turkesterone
If you exercise regularly, enjoy strength training, or even compete, then a supplement that reduces fatigue and speeds up exercise recovery probably sounds pretty appealing. One such supplement that is becoming increasingly popular among bodybuilders and athletes is turkesterone, a natural steroid compound that improves strength helps burn fat, and builds muscle mass.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a concentrated form of ecdysteroid (also called phytoecdysteroid), a compound that occurs naturally in some insects and plants.

Ecdysteroids have an anabolic and adaptogenic effect, so they are isolated and used to produce supplements that are taken for purposes such as stimulating muscle growth and athletic performance.

Is Turkesterone a steroid?

Ecdysteroids are naturally occurring steroids that have a similar chemical structure to androgens, including the "male reproductive hormone" testosterone (although women also produce some testosterone). This means that they can have some of the same effects as testosterone when it comes to promoting muscle growth.

Some studies show that supplementing with turkesterone can help maintain healthy/normal testosterone levels. However, taking a turkesterone supplement is not the same as taking synthetic/anabolic steroids or testosterone, as it does not bind to the same androgen receptors in the body.

1. It can help you gain muscle mass

There is evidence that turkesterone can help increase muscle growth and muscle-to-fat ratio, thereby improving body composition. It may also have some anti-obesity and metabolism-boosting effects.
2. May improve exercise performance

Ecdysteroids can increase the synthesis of ATP, which helps fuel the muscles, improves endurance, and prevents the feeling of fatigue. This can lead to more intense workouts and help build strength and endurance.

3. May aid muscle/exercise recovery

Studies show that turkesterone can help repair muscle fibers that have been broken down after exercise and increase muscle glycogen concentrations, which can help remove lactic acid and aid exercise recovery. It is also believed to help maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which facilitates muscle growth.

4. It has adaptogenic (stress fighting) effects

Turkesterone is considered an adaptogen, similar to ashwagandha or Rhodiola. Supports mental health by helping the body deal with stress and fatigue.

Some find it improves sleep and reduces anxiety, feelings of "burnout" and low motivation, which can be a symptom of depression.

Mechanisms of action are thought to include its ability to support neurotransmitter production and support gut health, which helps promote a healthy "gut-brain connection.