Omega-3s are a specific type of polyunsaturated fatty acid, meaning they contain more than one double bond in their chemical structure. The “3” refers to where in the chemical structure the first double bond occurs.

  • Affect positively on heart health
  • Lowering High Triglycerides
  • Regulating Cholesterol
  • Lowering High Blood Pressure
  • Preventing Plaque Buildup
  • Reduce Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms
  • Preventing Blood Clots

One of the most well-known benefits of omega-3s is the way they positively affect risk factors associated with heart disease.
Your body is able to synthesize saturated fatty acids, but you don’t have an enzyme that allows you to stick a double bond in the right spot to create omega-3s yourself.
The three omega-3s found in food are ALA, EPA, and DHA.

Omega-3s work several ways in the heart. They appear to prevent irregular heartbeat, reduce fatty plaques inside artery walls, decrease blood clotting, decrease triglycerides (blood fat), increase HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease inflammation.

One dose: 1 capsule
Container size: 90
Recommended use: Take 1 dose daily

Keep out of reach of children and pets!
Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage!