The truth behind Green tea
Green tea is one of the most common drinks in the world, but did you know that its benefits are not limited only to fat loss. This powerful Chinese herb has also an amazing influence on many other health-related issues. Read below and find what the truth behind Green tea is.

Supports the Cardiovascular health

Green tea has strong antioxidant properties that highly affect the levels of cholesterol. This is one of the main factors leading to heart diseases and could lower significantly the danger of heart attacks and other related issues. As well Green tea increases the blood capacity that protects it from LDL particles, leading to less oxidation. According to many studies, people who consume regularly Green tea are less exposed, by 30 percent, to heart problems, compare to others.

Helps when you have bad breath

Did you know that Green tea could help if you are suffering from bad breath? It contains huge amounts of catechins and studies have shown that could lower significantly the number of bacteria’s in your mouth. Although still in research, Green tea has been used to fight successfully with plague and cavities.

It may lower the risk of Cancer

Green tea is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It could lower significantly the damage of oxidative stress and prevent the body from chronic inflammations, which can lead to numerous diseases including cancer. Some researches show that drinking Green tea regularly could act preventively in some types of cancers such as breast, prostate, and colorectal.

Improves brain function

Green tea is a source of caffeine that not only keeps you focused but also boosts your brain function. As well it contains the amino acid L-theanine that increases the activity of GABA, neutronsmiter that is responsible for anxiety and decrease of dopamine. The synergistic combination between caffeine and l-thianine improves the brain function and increase your focus and concentration.

In conclusion, we can say that Green tea could be a healthy addition to your everyday life and will have nothing but a positive influence on your overall health.