Top 5 things to avoid after a workout
After training, the so-called catabolic process begins in the muscles. As glycogen stores are drain, the body starts to feel significantly more tired, and hunger is much stronger than before you stepped into the gym. As long as you follow a few simple rules, your body will be able to recover just in time for the next workout, thus being one step ahead of your final goal. But often, people make mistakes at the end of their training, and they can kill the progress and achieve the opposite effect. That's why we at Everbuild Nutrition have decided to make a list of the TOP 5 things you should avoid after a workout.
You don't drink enough water after a workout

Make sure to drink plenty of water after a workout, especially if you sweat a lot during heavy training. To maintain a healthy balance of body fluids in your body, it is important to get enough electrolytes. However, it is crucial to limit the intake of drinks with a lot of sugar, because in most cases, this has the opposite effect. Therefore, if water is not your top choice, try coconut water, which is a much healthier alternative to energy drinks.

Not having enough protein after a workout

Without enough protein, you will not get the amino acids you need to stimulate proper muscle recovery. You can obtain enough grams of protein after a workout from a protein shake or bar. However, it is essential to remember that nothing can compare to protein sourced from food, so even if you have a post-workout shake, try eating a high-protein meal later in the day.

Do not drink alcohol after a workout

One of the most important things you should never do is consume alcohol after a workout. When you exercise, you increase blood flow to your muscles, and then your body expects to receive some important micronutrients, as well as protein carbohydrates, and fats, to begin rebuilding muscle fibers. But if you consume alcohol after exercise, it will be carried through the bloodstream, directly to the muscles and will lead to weight loss as well as other negative side effects. Also, if you are trying to burn fat, your body will give priority to removing the alcohol from your system over the breakdown of fat, which will drastically slow down the process.

You don't get enough sleep on the days you train

Another big mistake is to lose sleep after your workout. It is well known that the three main things you need to do to maximize muscle growth are nutrition, hard training, and quality sleep. By focusing on the first two and skipping the third, you will struggle to build muscle mass just as much as if you did not eat or train properly. The best recovery is while resting, so forget about staying up late and start getting a good night's sleep, especially in the days before and after training.

Don't wait too long after a workout to eat

It is essential not to delay eating for too long after a workout. Most athletes know that it should happen within about 30 minutes after visiting the gym because then begins the so-called anabolic process. If you want to maximize muscle growth, it has been proven that supplying the body with a constant flow of amino acids throughout the day can help you maintain a positive percentage of protein turnovers, which is essential for muscle growth. Another essential factor is your pre-workout diet.