Top 4 benefits of Chromium
Chromium is an important mineral that can be found in many supplements on the market.  Usually is associated with weight loss products, due to its many positives in terms of fat burning, metabolism, and hunger control. It comes in two main forms, hexavalent and trivalent. Hexavalent is the form that we should avoid because is generally used in pigments, dyes, plastics, and ink. It could cause skin irritation, due to its toxic nature. It is to be avoided unless in industrial use. Trivalent is the form that is found in healthy foods. It is the form that our bodies need. We are not able to produce chromium naturally, so it’s important to and consume it from outside sources. The lack of chromium can affect the ability to lose weight. That’s why we at Everbuild Nutrition decided to introduce you to the Top 4 benefits of chromium that are related to weight control.

Improves Blood sugar levels

Insulin hormone usually plays an important role in signaling the body to bring blood sugar into the cells. Many studies have proven that taking chromium supplements could have a big impact on blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Other research has shown that those with higher blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity may respond better to chromium supplements. Additionally, in a large study, the chances of developing diabetes were 25% lower in those who took supplements containing chromium. Overall, although there are still many types of research to be made, scientists agree, that chromium could be a great addition, to the everyday diet and could benefit the body in a positive matter.

Supports weight loss

One of the most common uses of Chromium is in weight loss supplements. Due to its role in nutrient metabolism and the possible effect on eating behavior, many studies have proven that Chromium could be a great solution for people who want to lose weight, without the side effects of other ingredients. Chromium is an essential part of our diet. It is important for the metabolism and processing of glucose. By enhancing the effectiveness of insulin in the body, the cycle of insulin resistance can be halted. There is one other benefit to chromium in reducing insulin resistance during weight loss. This is important because usually people that lose weight often have problems with loose skin. When the glucose is metabolized properly, the skin may not reduce at the same rate. Insulin not only opens the door for glucose but also protein and amino acids. Since the insulin is resisted, the building blocks are not able to improve the skin. Collagen production may be reduced, and the skin will lose its elasticity. Before supplementing with collagen or going under the knife, increasing the intake of chromium may improve the loose skin.

Reduces hunger

Most people who have tried to lose weight and keep it off are familiar with feelings of hunger and strong food cravings. As a result, many are interested in foods, supplements, or medications that could help combat these urges. One of them is Chromium. It could have an amazing effect, during those moments, where you try to keep a diet, but the hunger is much stronger than you. Chromium could reduce hunger and keeps your calorie intake lower, leading to healthy weight loss. Although much more studies are needed to prove the role of this beneficial mineral in appetite control, scientists are hopeful that in the short future, chromium could be the key to fighting obesity.

Balances cholesterol levels

In addition to balancing blood sugar levels, chromium is also used to metabolize fat and balance cholesterol. It is required for the metabolism of fats (including cholesterol). Research shows that daily chromium supplementation helps lower LDL levels (aka “bad” cholesterol) and helps raise HDL levels (aka “good” cholesterol). Another study showed that people who were taking beta-blockers for cardiac health had higher levels of HDL cholesterol levels when supplementing with chromium. Higher chromium levels in the body are associated with not only healthier levels of cholesterol but healthier arteries, too. Some studies suggest that people who have heart attacks have lower levels of chromium in their system.

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