CGT: The most beneficial pre-workout formula?
Many of you know that the CGT supplements have extremely beneficial properties. But do you know why? We at Everbuild decided to narrow the information for you, so next time when you purchase CGT supplements, you can use the most of it advantages. 

Creatine, Glutamine and Taurine or most commonly known as CGT, is a powerful pre-workout supplement, that’s have 4 key beneficial properties:

Promotes muscle recovery

Muscle recovery is extremely crucial for having good results after hard workout. There are certain catabolic actions that occur during training and can prevent you from gaining muscle mass. That’s why is extremely important to have a proper recovery. For that reason is the glutamine in the formula. Not only it increases the endurance during workout, but also decrease muscle soreness.  

As you may know Glutamine is one of the most important non-essential amino acids used by the body. It’s extremely vital for the immune system and is a corner stone in terms of protein building.

Improves the performance

Great performance brings great results. To be able to progress your achievement in the gym, you need a good product that improves your strenght. That’s where the taurine, included in this powerful formula, comes in handy. It’s known for his great ability to fight exhaustion and fatigue. Taurine boost your strength so you can lift harder and grow bigger. As well helps the transport of important nutrients straight to the muscles especially after your workout.

Taurine is great supplement that has many health benefits for the body. There now side effects known, it has strong antioxidant features and as well stimulates the immune system. 

Reduce fatigue

Fatigue is something extremely normal after tough workout. It’s our body’s way of adapting to a fitness regime and telling us what our maximum is. Every athlete has felt that sore pain in the muscle during heavy lifting. One important effect of CGT supplements is its ability to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. That mainly comes from the combination of creatine and taurine. Both of them increases your strength  making you train harder and harder. It helps boost your endurance so oxygen is transmitted from your limb muscle to the ones in diaphragm. In that way fatigue is postponed and you are able to continue the workout full with power.

Increases the energy

Creatine is unbeatable when it comes to increasing your energy. It’s probably the most famous fitness supplement in the world and this is because of his many positive features.  One of them being the ability to produce more ATP energy.  This way its fuels your muscles during that heavy lift. But not only that. Creatine stimulates as well your brain energy making you much more productive. 

In conclusion we can say that the CGT supplements cover all of your ground bases for a hard workout. Once you tried the massive effect of it, you can’t think of anything else. CGT supplements are a great way to boost your energy and strength, and crave for better results and pump.