24 important rules and laws in training
13. Strength and hypertrophy are not mutually exclusive. You can develop strong, well-formed and bulky muscle training with more repetitions.
15. Hypertrophy is accompanied by a decrease in subcutaneous fat. By building more muscle cells, your body will produce more than the hormones needed to burn fat. Which means that your muscles will be more embossed and visible as they grow and the percentage of fat decreases.
16. Both heavy and powerful movements and light and concentrated exercises can be present in an effective workout. Whole-body exercises, multiple training splits, basic and isolated exercises, heavy units, pumping, unloading, pyramids, etc. - Many interesting and different variations of training. There is a time and a place for everything. Just be patient and persistent!

17. Your gluteus is a major muscle in your body. The easiest way to improve your appearance for both men and women is to take care of your buttocks. Also, with a strong gluteus, you will improve your performance in the squat, traction, jumps, sprints, etc.
18. To build a perfect, harmonious and well-trained body, people use many and different training methods, different philosophies, statements, and studies. However, there is one thing that unites them and everyone with an athletic body do it daily - they are bursting with workouts. Heavy workouts. Always. Keep that in mind.

19. If you have dumbbells, weights, levers, a cross-trainer or a bicycle ergometer but they just collect dust - consider stopping by the nearby gym and getting a card.
20. Most of your favorite exercises in the gym are your favorite because they are easy to perform and do not require strength, concentration, and do not make you tired. Perform basic and heavy exercises. Or just find a way to make your favorite easy and enjoyable exercises brutal and exhausting.
21. You do not have to constantly protect yourself from injuries and constantly think about how you can get injured during the whole workout ... Bring your body into the gym, you have not gone to a fashion show. But don't overdo it, ignore the symptoms and listen to your body more often.

22. Are you committed to sports? - Ordinary people are always looking for, and finding, a justification for not going to the hall or the stadium. It hurts them all, something is wrong with them. Or they have slight pain or a small injury. Those who are devotees find a way to train without affecting their injury, isolate the sore spot and train, bad weather does not stop them, walking 30 minutes to the hall on foot is not a problem for them, it is not a problem and they change 2 modes of public transport for going to the gym, the weekends for some are the perfect time for others to train.
23. A broken wrist? Emphasize machines that do not require rotation and load on the wrist. Knee pain? The perfect moment to emphasize and do another workout for your upper body. Just don't miss a workout, don't find excuses. Do not deviate from the overall training routine. Training habits should be maintained daily.
24. It is very important that, if you are new to the gym and weight training, you learn the basic rules and techniques. Ask the instructors in the room, the coaches, etc. Learn the rules and basic principles so that you can break them over time and benefit them.

25. Bodybuilders, triathletes, weightlifters, cross-fitters, and strings. All of them train hard, suffer from deprivation and often ignore the pain. It is time to stop capturing those who have decided to lift weights a little differently than ourselves.