Women and strength training - the reality
Nowadays, the number of women attending the gym and weight training has increased significantly. Although many of the prejudices that dominated decades ago in this area can be considered overcome, there are different views on how women should train.

The idea that women will look muscular and will become bigger with weight training is absolutely wrong. Weight training burns much more calories than cardio workouts, and achieving solid muscle mass in women is virtually impossible except when hormonal preparations are used. It is also important to note that weight training brings very serious health benefits to women.

Many women think they have to train in a way that is completely different from what men train. This theory is based on the fact that women are weaker and some exercises are not by the average woman.

The truth is that the ratio of the force to the cross-sectional area of the muscles in both sexes is almost the same. This does not mean that men and women have the same power potential. In most cases, women have 40-60% of male upper body strength and 70-75% of lower body force. However, for women who do not care about bodybuilding competitions, weight training also adds another benefit in preventing osteoporosis.


Many studies have shown that a combination of weight-bearing exercises and the prudent use of calcium and other supplements can prevent this long-lasting, progressive bones-related disease that begins at about 30 years of age and is widespread among women.

The leading active lifestyles women who want to avoid trauma are required to exercise weight regularly. In addition to building muscles, a properly designed training program strengthens joints and connective tissue.


No matter what a woman does - whether water skiing or dancing, weight training will improve her physical shape. It is also unimportant that strong abdominal muscles and muscles in the lower back help the pregnant woman during delivery.

The increase in muscle mass increases the rate of metabolism, thus allowing the woman to eat more without getting rid of extra pounds. Nothing improves the figure, like weight training, including aerobics. This is the reason why many actresses and models nowadays lift a weight.


In addition, the improved workout pattern increases the confidence of the woman within herself and raises her self-esteem. This is evidenced by a number of studies. The rapid physical changes induced by weight training are described in a study published in a special edition of the American Dietetic Association.

Twenty women between the ages of 19 and 44 who started to work with weight training in a 12-week program participated in the study.


Despite the fact that they only trained twice a week, performing 6 exercises in each workout, all women had an increase in dry muscle mass and fat loss without any changes in the diet.

In view of all this, every woman aspiring to physical improvement should without hesitation begin to lift a weight. In doing so, she should train in the same way that men do, introducing only the necessary changes in weights.


The conclusion is that weight training has the same value for both men and women.