10 mistakes we make in an attempt to lose weight
We have decided to get into shape and feel confident again. Congratulations! The first step has been made, now it remains the most important part of achieving the goal - to draw up an action plan and to keep it as difficult and unachievable as it may seem.

We charge the fridge with fresh, fresh, seasonal foods. We remove from our menu unhealthy junk food without any value. Then we choose a sport that will both entertain us and lift the tone. We have time in our robotic routine for physical activity and are armed with patience to achieve future positive results.

Sounds very natural and simple, is not it? Unfortunately, it's not always what's going on in this preliminary plan. Sometimes, weight loss seems to be overwhelmingly difficult. We suppose we do everything strictly - food, liquids, movement, and as if the scales laugh at us, sticking to the same weight for weeks and months. This immediately discourages us and we give up. And it should not be, we just have to ask ourselves what we do not do right and change it.

In this article we will look at the most common mistakes made in our quest to lose weight.
1.We are starving

Fools are one of the best ways to purify the body, but because of its highly detoxifying effect many people would be unprepared for such a regime. Cutaneous food deprivation could lead to both health and emotional problems, so it is not recommended.

In addition, after the end of strict dieting, the so-called "yo-yo" effect is often observed, in which, instead of maintaining the weight at the moment, he reverts to the consumption of food that he was deprived of and so returned just your previous pounds, and even increases them.
2.Skip breakfast

Breakfast serves the most for weight loss, so we should not miss it or replace it with coffee and a cigarette. The more meaningful it is, the more secure we are to focus on unhealthy foods in the rest of the day. Having breakfast regularly we are less inclined to eat at noon or night.
3.We do not train or overdo the training

While losing weight, we lose weight besides fat and muscle mass. If we do not train during this time, we will lose more muscle and our metabolism will slow down. Trainings help weight loss to be at the expense of fat as well as proper metabolism.

It is wrong to understand that the more we train, the better we feel during the weight-loss period. In fact, this approach is neither effective nor healthy. Our immunity decreases and the body goes through great stress. So do not overdo it, we recommend loading up to 4-5 times a week.

4.Do not exercise with weights

Strength training is essential during weight loss. This is the most effective strategy to lose fat and increase muscle mass. For best effect, the combination of strength and cardio workout is recommended.

5.We do not take enough protein

Fruits and vegetables are necessary for the body, but the complete denial of meat is undesirable. Consumption of foods rich in protein is extremely important for weight loss. They help to fight fat, reduce appetite and satiety, increase metabolism and protect the muscles from losing weight.

6.There is not enough fiber in our menu

A high fiber diet is recommended, as it is recommended. they help us not feel hungry. Studies show that the most effective for fat loss are so-called viscose fibers that reduce appetite by forming a gel that retains water. The movement of this substance through the digestive tract makes us feel fuller.

7.Likes about "dietary foods" or low-fat foods

These foods are not considered a good choice for weight loss. Many of them are full of sugar added for better taste. Instead of supporting you, these products make you hungry and you are likely to eat twice as much food.

8.We make hasty conclusions

It often happens that you do not lose weight at the speed you want, although you strictly adhere to your diet. The numbers on the scales are just a measure of weight. It is in turn influenced by several factors such as the fluids in our body and the amount of food left in our digestive system.

In fact, the weight can vary to 4kg. within one day, depending on the liquid and food consumed. In women, elevated levels of estrogen, as well as other hormones, affect the amount of water retained in the body, which in turn affects the weight.

9.Too many calories or too few calories

To lose weight, a calorie deficit is required. This means we have to burn more calories than we take. Recent studies have shown that the calorie deficit should be individual for each person. There is no universal rule about how many calories we should take a week.

We happen to eat a lot of healthy foods but with a high calorie content. That's how we get the opposite effect, so we need to be careful with our portions. Reducing calories also results in negative results associated with body mass loss and metabolic retardation. See how many calories we burn in different activities.

10.We eat without being hungry

The advice has always been to eat every few hours to prevent hunger. This, however, can result in the consumption of many calories within the day and, finally, not feel good again.
It does not mean we do not eat all the time.

A snack in the morning is recommended not to make bad choices about how to eat for the rest of the day. The key to successful weight loss is to eat only when we are starving.

11.Bonus - We do not take the right dietary supplements the right way.

Ask your nutritionist or fitness instructor, which nutritional supplements are best for you. Some supplements such as Fat Burner, Pure Protein, or L-Carnitine are the most preferred when it comes to weight loss. It is extremely important, however, to take the right quantities according to your physique and goals.
Once we have learned some of the reasons that could hinder the success of our goal, we can again calmly and confidently return to the desired vision plan. Do all this fun, not annoying.
You can make a sample list of products to buy weekly.
Put it in the refrigerator and it will always be in front of you. Seeing the note, you see yourself in the better light.

Read useful information on the Internet, get in touch with people who have made success in this endeavor and motivate yourself. The most important thing is to do it for yourself, not for someone else. Do not compare with others.
Draw a detailed action plan. Specific goal, set realistic deadlines, describe how you will run it, where you can get useful information, what your effects will be on the change, and, most importantly, how you will be rewarded for the results achieved. You deserve it. Good luck!