5 proven methods for detoxing and purifying the body
Nowadays everywhere we are flooded with information how dirty the air we breathe is, how poor the food is and how the harmful factors are waiting for us at every corner. Food and air are the engine of our body and their quality directly affects our health. The better and cleaner these ingredients are, the stronger the body. And who does not want to look and feel better?

When we talk about the contamination of the organism, it is inevitably raised how we can clean it from already accumulated toxins. Purification, or also known as detoxification (detox), is a process of cleansing from harmful substances and substances accumulated in the body. The process may take a day or two with a slight unloading effect and may be longer, 7-10 days, during which the body breaks down and expels most of the harmful substances that have accumulated.

It is of great importance whether and to what extent the body is accustomed to such interventions. If you've decided to purge yourself for the first time, it's advisable to choose a more gentle method that will not put you and your body under great stress. If you are more experienced, the period may be much longer. The methods that apply are very varied and broken over the possibilities and desires of a person. In one is a successful and pleasant method, in another - another. There are methods that have proven to be effective in time. And here are who they are.

1. Detox through healthy eating

Food, as mentioned, is one of the main engines of the body. The better and cleaner it is, the better quality fuel drives our body. In order to get the most and best nutritional qualities from one food, it should be in the most crude and untreated form. The more processed and cooked the ingredients, the smaller the percentage of utility.

The key is as much of the food we eat as raw or with minimal cooking. Baking and cooking are preferred options for frying, which due to high temperature destroys much of the food composition. Raw fruits and vegetables, teas, nuts are the main part of a healthy menu. There are also foods that have earned the fame of indispensable helpers in detoxification. These include garlic, hemp and linseed, leafy vegetables such as celery and parsley, lemons. If you want to improve your diet, be sure to include them in your menu.

2. Water detox

Many toxins in our body go out in the form of a liquid. Through urine and sweat, we dispose of unnecessary and waste material from the body. For this activity to take place normally, we need to take a lot of water and liquids. If we have deficiency and we are dehydrated, the harmful substances will not leave our body but will remain inside it and will harm it.

In addition to providing enough fluids, there are modes that are built only on water consumption. For a few days the food is stopped and only liquids - water, teas are drunk. In such a starvation, the body begins to break down fat and harmful accumulations and thus "feed" itself. By taking liquids, we get everything out. With such extreme methods, care must be taken, as if the change is very sharp, the body suffers a great shock and, instead of having a positive effect, we can only get hurt.

3. Spa detox - through sauna and steam bath

The sauna and steam bath are part of the beauty treatments in many spa centers. But besides unloading tension in our muscles and body, they can also have a beneficial effect on our overall health.

With prolonged standing of heat and moisture, the body begins to heat up and sweat. And sweating, as we know, is one way to purify the body. Metabolism also responds favorably to heat, which in turn leads to better metabolism. The heat in turn drives the pores of our skin to relax and open, making it easier to get sweaty. Of course, with one go to the sauna, there will be no miracles. But regular procedures will certainly have a positive and visible effect. And if you combine them with other healthy habits, you'll get a great cocktail for a clean body.

4. Detox through physical activity

Physical activity and exercise are often associated with attempts to lose weight or to build up muscle mass. The benefits of these, however, are much more. Regular exercise, gymnastics, physical outdoor activities, in addition to improving our shape and stamina, also help maintain good metabolism and metabolism. And this is an important factor for the proper absorption of the beneficial ingredients and the disposal of the unnecessary.

Any more intense and long-lasting movement that we do is related to warming up the body and warming the body with sweating. And since skin is the largest organ in the human body, the sweat separated through it is one of the most effective means of fighting toxins. The dedicated time for sports and exercise will pay you back many times with a stronger and firmer body, and with better self-esteem and vision, respectively.

5. Wheat regime

During the wheat regime, only wheat, apples, honey and walnuts are consumed. According to the regime, these four foods contain all the necessary nutrients for man. Wheat contains all the elements to keep life, apples are for the heart, walnuts for the brain, and honey for the blood. The mode is for 10 days and runs on specific days, usually during full moon. In its original design it has been used for spiritual purification, but many people resort to it because of the extremely good results it has on the body.

These are just a small part of the regimes and actions you can take to improve your health. Physical activity and food are something everyone can change and adapt to their lifestyle. Making a decision to starve, accept or stop certain foods, wheat regime are more specific measures that require careful consideration and consideration of your own health.

Consult with specialists, read as much information as possible before you proceed to get the most out of your life and, most importantly, do not harm your health.