Cryo Beef Amino 8000mg™

Plasma Engineered

Cryo Beef Amino is a product of the evolution of the food supplement industry. They are unique and can be considered as a breakthrough in sport science. Everbuild Nutrition is a pioneer and first in the world to present a complex amino acids product derived from beef erythrocytes refined from iron. The formula has a unique high bioavailable rating, which is caused mainly because of the high Leucine and other BCAA and essential amino acid content. Cryo Beef Amino shouldn't be easily mistaken with the lower class amino acids derived from beef meat and waste products.

  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Increase and optimizes the recovery
  • Increase the lean muscle mass
  • High anti-catabolic properties
  • Prevents the muscle mass from a breakdown
  • 8 grams of MUSCLE BEEF™  amino acids in a single dose
  • Unique high bioavailability rating of 97%
  • High leucine content
  • High BCAA content
  • High on essential amino acids
  • Refined from blood iron and other trace elements

Very low collagen content. A lacking feature in every beef derived proteins and amino acids
Exceptionally fast absorption and access in the bloodstream (PLASMA INFUSION™)
Cryo Beef Amino is clean, peptide-bonded amino acids product of processes of extraction, hydrolysis and two-stage drying of sterile beef erythrocytes. This revolutionary technology guarantees the refining process and taking out the high iron content inside them making them safe for consumption and use. Erythrocytes are also known as red blood cells. They hold the hemoglobin responsible for oxygen delivery from the lungs to the muscles and other tissues in the body.

The amino acid profile of the beef erythrocytes surpasses the one from beef steak, whey, and wheat protein. This is mainly because of the high content of the amino acid leucine and the other BCAA amino acids valine and isoleucine. They are the most important ones for building muscle tissue. The essential amino acids are also quite high in the Cryo Beef's profile. They can't be made by the body and that's why they have to be taken from food or supplements.
Each dose holds up to 8 grams optimally balanced amino acids. They are absorbed exceptionally fast thanks to their low molecular mass of 1000 U. Just for comparison the casein protein mass is 300 000 U and the whey protein is 60 000U. That’s why Cryo Beef Amino enters the blood flow and reaches the muscle cells for a maximum short time after intake (PLASMA INFUSION™).

Тaken before training Cryo Beef Amino prevents the muscle tissue from breakdown during the physical activity achieved by their strong anti-catabolic effect. After training intake will start a lot of regenerative processes and will increase the protein synthesis thanks to the high leucine content. For extra stimulating of the muscle growth, an additional dose can be taken before sleep.

One dose: 4 tablets
Servings per container: 75
Suggested use: Take 4 tablets before and 4 tablets after training. Additionally, you can add 4 tablets before sleep. In a resting day take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets before sleep.

Do not exceed the daily recommended use!
Do not use as a substitute to a balanced diet!
Store in a cool, dry place, under 25˚C away from direct sunlight!