Push up bars™

padded handle

Push Ups have always been the classic exercise for developing the upper part of the body. Go beyond the classics with the Everbuild Push-UP BARS.

  • Tones and develops the upper part of the body
  • Train with your own weight
  • Train everywhere - in the gym, outside or at home
  • Durable
  • Can execute a variety of push-ups
  • Better traction

Executing a Push UP has many varieties. That's why doing them with stands will stress the muscle fibers differently and will stimulate better overall training. You can twist the stands on way different direction while getting a stronger and more efficient grip.

These valuable stands represent the next level of push-ups. The delta-shaped stands are made of durable high-quality plastic which is reinforced with non-skid rubber pads for better traction on the handles. Easy to use, light to carry, strong and durable they will offer you aid in developing your chest to the extreme.