Latex Resistance Band™

Purple (50-80LB / 23-36KG.)

Latex Resistance Band help your legs training in the gym, as well as outside!

  • Support greater load
  • For maximum efficiency
  • Suitable for rehabilitation after an injury
  • Available in several varieties
  • Excellent resistance
  • Made of natural rubber

Everbuild Latex Resistance Band help with legs training both in the gym and outside! These bands are durable and effective in both individual exercises and group training.

Depending on your physical training, every active sportsman needs the right elastic. It is also suitable for movement or rehabilitation in a period of recovery from trauma.

Each Everbuild elastic band is available in a variety of sizes and weight categories, divided into 6 separate categories, respectively the lightest and heaviest workout.

Latex Resistance Bands offer excellent resistance during lifting weights, warm up or stretching before workouts, and HIIT exercises.
Thanks to Latex Resistance Band you will improve your workout because it offers a wide application in every fitness exercise!

The Everbuild Latex Resistance Bands are extremely durable - they are made of natural rubber and will not leave you no matter how much and often load them!

  • 7 - 11 kg.
  • 11 -23 kg.
  • 23 - 36 kg.
  • 45 - 54 kg
  • 54 - 79 kg.
  • 79 - 104 kg.