taurine 2000™

l-taurine powder

There are many synergistic supplements. Taurine is one of them. He is a key switch or shall we say a potentiator to many classical ingredients like caffeine, creatine and else. Combine TAURINE 2000 with you supplements and make them more potent and effective.

The amino acid Taurine has been vastly used in the pre-workout products and energy drinks for the last decades. The real power of Taurine lies in the fact that it can be considered as the most synergistic and suitable supplements to combine with caffeine.

The effects of TAURINE 2000:
The benefits are many, but the most vital ones are that extra Taurine improves the hydration of the muscle cells, promote heart health, reduce the anxiety effects of caffeine or other stimulants and increase the overall power output. Eliminate the muscle cramps, lift more, increase the endurance and improve your performance with Everbuild Taurine!

Container Size: 200 g
Servings per container: 100
Single serving: 1/4 measure scoop
Suggested use: Take 1 to 2 servings daily on an empty stomach. If the day is a training one we do suggest take the 2 servings before workout.