daa 3000™

d-aspartic acid

The hormone balacne and production oftenly plays a major role in our overall physical performance and look. Stimulating the natural production ot Testosterone seems to bring only benefits especially if there was a decline. DAA 3000 is clinical dose of pure D-Aspartic Acids wihtout any additives or fillers.

Stronger sexual life and libido
Better performance
Better recovery
Lean muscle mass 
Battle the catabolic hormones
Stimulate testosterone - Naturally

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the endocrine system, sexual desire, macro nutrient absorption, reproductive system, endurance and overall physique of the body. Its levels is what turns the teenage boys into alpha males. Unfortunately the intensive workouts which spike the testosterone suppressive and catabolic hormone - cortisol, the strict diets often lacking fats and carbohydrates needed for optimal production of the male hormone and the inevitable increase of age leadа to a temporary decline in testosterone levels. D-aspartic acid supplementation is a natural way to reverse these processes and stimulate the natural production of the vital alpha hormone – Testosterone via variety of metabolic pathways. Increase your libido, stamina, power, fertility and overall performance supplementing with the most potent natural testosterone enhancer – Everbuild DAA.

Container Size: 200g
Servings Per Container: 66
One Serving: 1/2 measure scoop (3 grams)
Suggested Use: 1 serving daily preferably with food.