Mass Build 3.52LBS™


Whey Build is high quality protein formula designed for athletes and physically active people who seek building lean muscle mass without excess body fat. The product is suitable mainly for phases in which the user is trying to improve its overall performance and achievements. The protein complex Whey Build has high bioavailability and absorption rate which are present in several excellent flavours.

The intensive workouts in the gym will bring faster and better results only if stacked with the proper diet and macro nutrients. Every workout session is a battle – challenge for the mind and muscles. That’s why it is exceptionally important to take care for their effective and optimal recovery after physical activity. Overtraining may even reduce the power and endurance destroying already built muscle tissue. So the secret lies in providing the proper building material.
Whey Build is combination between whey protein concentrate with 3 peptide bonded protein sources which guarantees maximum bio availability and effect. The product stands out from the competition mainly with high protein content – 22 grams in dose of 31 grams of powder which delivers large dose of branched-chained amino acids and glutamine to the body – required elements for muscle development, growth and recovery.
The whey proteins hold biologically active peptides which has different characteristics and perform different positive tasks concerning overall health, weight loss and building muscle mass. Whey Build has additional 3 peptide fractions and sources with high absorption rate: Whey and beef protein isolate peptides and glutamine peptides. They are easily converted in body mass proteins and help the growth of muscle fibers. They have secondary function of regulating the metabolism, enzyme activity and serve as an immune functionality support.
Excellent taste, easy to mix and fast to absorb is the only side effects which you can expect from Whey Build. This exceptional product is the optimal combination between price, quality and taste!
Servings per container:32
One serving:1 heaping measure scoop
Directions of use: 1 serving mixed with 120-180 ml cold water or milk 2-3 times daily.
Flavours:Chocolate ice cream, Strawberry ice cream, Strawberry and Banana ice cream, Cappuccino ice cream, Unflavoured, French Vanilla
Ingredients:Whey protein concentrate, Hydrolyzed Peptides(from Beef and protein Isolates), Glutamine Peptides, Guar Gum, Glycine, Soy Lecithin, Cellulose Gum